sono 1420 craft distillery tasting room

About Us

SoNo 1420 American Craft Distillers is a destination craft distillery that produces ultra-premium, alternative grain, distilled spirits.  Located in a custom designed, industrial building in historic South Norwalk, CT our distillery is situated within walking distance of the vibrant nightlife and restaurant alley of the Washington Street neighborhood, the nearby Maritime Aquarium, and the South Norwalk train station.  Our facility, designed by award winning architect Bruce Beinfield, highlights the gleaming features of our imported copper and stainless steel still and is an iconic destination for both the neighborhood and the local region. 

Come visit us and see where we make our magic!


So why "1420"?

14-20 newspaper.png

On February 4, 1919, the Connecticut State Senate, by a vote of 14 to 20, failed to ratify the 18th Amendment, making Connecticut the first – of only two - states to defeat Prohibition.  We have chosen the number "1420” as a nod to the revolutionary spirit embodied by this vote and to symbolize our rights of personal freedom for which our brand stands.