1420 hemped bourbon whiskey and 1420 hemped rye whisky.png

two whiskeys

SoNo 1420 is proud to be the first - and as far as we know - the only distillery in the world that has incorporated hemp seed into a whiskey mash bill .  The result - some of the best tasting - and arguably the most intriguing - spirits ever.

1420 hemped bourbon whiskey.png

1420 BBN - distilled from grains and hemp seed and finished in oak barrels

While most people would call this Bourbon, the federal government won't let us because it contains hemp seed.  As a result, we must call it a "1420 BBN - Spirit Distilled from Grains and Hemp Seed and Finished in Oak Barrels".  Our mash bill, like many whiskeys, is comprised of 75% corn, 15% rye, and 10% milled hemp seed.  The nose on this spirit is unexpected, considering the mash bill – light and floral, suggestive of honeysuckle with hints of dried fruit, particularly cherries.  On the palate, all the vanilla, cinnamon, and honey expected of a bourbon whiskey are present but, instead of trailing off into the usual extended, syrupy butterscotch-caramel finish, the journey continues down towards some interesting, nutty-flavor characteristics – another contribution of the ground hemp seed.  Roll the whiskey over your tongue and chase the flavors down the rabbit hole.


1420 HEMPED RYE SPIRIT - distilled from grains and hemp seed and finished in oak barrels 

Made from 75% rye, 15% corn, and 10% milled hemp seed, this spirit exhibits pepper on the nose, with a faint and elusive honey undertone.  On the palate, the characteristic bite of rye has been softened to a nibble, allowing flavors of pepper and cinnamon-honey to spring forth pursued by marzipan and dried fruits in the finish.  For all its intrigue, this is a rye-drinker’s rye – a day-in/day-out, easy sipping whiskey.